Celebrate Review

Celebrate Review

Make someone’s day! 

Create awesome group video gifts, effortlessly.

It is easy to create, happy to receive. We help you make it awesome! 

No technical skills required 


Simple, sensitive 

The magic of Celebration is that it’s easy for anyone to create a one-of-a-kind video gift for that special someone in your life.


The best. Gifts. Don’t! Prepare for laughs and tears! 


How to work 

Call your friends and family to bring a brief video message to point out specialist information. We do all the sessions, organize and save. You add your unique touch with our easy-to-use app and BOOM – you’ve created the perfect personalized gift!


Send Invite

Invite friends & family to record a video message on any device. No need for anyone to log in or download an app.

Collect and organize 

It’s easy for your friends to create and share high-quality HD videos and photos.

All ads are automatically added to your account. Put your hand up 

Use our drag and drop tool, add your own videos, photos and music, and voila – awesome videos! 


Share and celebrate 

On the big day, share your creativity with your loved one. Let them make you happy!

No need to search for your credit card or decide on a price option now. Use the free Event and pay only when you’re ready to publish your first video.

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