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Today we will be making a recommendation of Rocket Powered Sound

Review of Rocket Powered Sound



Rocket Powered Sound is an online destination that caters to the needs of EDM producers. Offering an array of sample packs, plugins, free downloads, and a multitude of other resources, it has positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for all production needs.


Exploring the Rocket Powered Sound

  • Product Range

    1. Large Packs

    Rocket Powered Sound‘s large packs are a treasure trove for producers. They are filled with thousands of professionally created Serum & Vital presets, loops, one-shots, and MIDI.

    Ultimate Sample Pack

    The Ultimate Sample Pack was originally priced at $67.00 but is now available for just $47.00, a whopping 30% off.

    2. Plugins

    Plugins offered by Rocket Powered Sound are top-tier, designed to enhance the music production process.

    3. Mouse Pad

    The platform also sells mouse pads, a must-have for any music producer’s workspace.

Large Packs and Plugins

Offering more than just a place to purchase sample packs and plugins, Rocket Powered Sound also provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality products which are available at discounted prices. For instance, the ‘Ultimate Sample Pack’ and ‘Modern Essentials’ were originally priced at $67.00, but are now available for just $47.00, a saving of 30%.


The Bishu Collection

The Bishu Collection is one of the main highlights of Rocket Powered Sound. Regularly priced at $197.00, this official Bishu pack is now available for an incredible $47.00, saving customers a hefty 76%.

The Bishu Collection, an official Bishu pack, is a prime example of the platform’s high-value offerings. Although initially priced at $197.00, it is now available for only $47.00, a massive 76% discount.


Free Packs

Rocket Powered Sound prides itself on offering value to its customers. To enhance this, they have a section dedicated to free packs, where users can access hundreds of free samples, presets, and more.

Rocket Powered Sound also offers hundreds of free samples, presets, and more for those looking to test the waters before making a purchase.


Production Blog

The platform hosts a production blog, a valuable resource for any EDM producer. It features articles on diverse topics such as the 5 most unique VST plugins, the best future bass sample packs of 2023, and Serum sound design.

Rocket Powered Sound also hosts a production blog where they regularly post articles about various topics in the EDM production world. Some of their most popular posts include:

  2. Best Free and Premium Phonk sample packs
  3. Best Future Bass Sample Packs of 2023
  4. Serum Sound Design – How to make a Cop Siren Sound
  5. Best Free Websites For Selling Sample Packs and presets
  6. Best Free and paid Reverb and Ambience VST Plugins 2023

Currency Options

One of the features that sets Rocket Powered Sound apart is its extensive list of currency options. They support a wide range of currencies from United States (USD $), Afghanistan (AFN ؋), Åland Islands (EUR €), Albania (ALL L), and so on. This makes it extremely convenient for producers from all over the world to make purchases on the platform.

Rocket Powered Sound supports a myriad of currencies, making it accessible to EDM producers worldwide.

Social Media Presence

Rocket Powered Sound also maintains a strong social media presence with accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This allows them to connect with their users on a more personal level and offer updates, news, and other relevant content.

Payment Options

Rocket Powered Sound accepts several payment options, including American Express, Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, Google Pay, Mastercard, PayPal, Shop Pay, and Visa.


Rocket Powered Sound is truly a haven for EDM producers. With its variety of products, discounts, free packs, and a blog packed with helpful tips and tricks, it provides a platform that caters to every need of an EDM producer. The extensive currency support and active social media presence further enhance the user experience, making Rocket Powered Sound a top choice for EDM producers worldwide.

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