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Real Mini World: A Miniature World of Real Functioning Products


Real Mini World has taken the world by storm by creating miniatures that are not just for display, but also work just like their real counterparts. From tiny cooking and baking sets to art supplies, every item is designed with functionality and detail in mind. Most importantly, these miniatures spark joy and unleash creativity.

Tiny Cooking & Baking

The Tiny Cooking & Baking collection is a dream come true for miniature enthusiasts. From Miniature Glasswares to REAL Tiny Baking Miniatures, each piece is crafted with precision.

Top Picks

  • Miniature 1:12 Scale Hourglass Glass Cup at just $6.50.
  • Nordic REAL Miniature Glass Dispenser, Wooden Stan, and Glasses Set priced at $43.00.
  • Custom Your Own Miniature kitchen set now at a sale price $398.00, down from $435.00.

Tiny Art Supplies

The Tiny Art Supplies collection features everything an artist would need, but in a mini format. From Miniature REAL Vintage Style Ink Pad in Ceramic Container to Miniature Wooden Artist Brush Box, each item is not just a piece of art but also fully functional.

Top Picks

  • Miniature REAL Classic Wood Desk Lamp 1:6 Scale for $29.00.
  • Set of 12 Pcs Miniature REAL Oil Paint available for $26.00.
  • Miniature Gemstone Collection priced at $8.00.

Real Functioning Miniatures

All the miniature products function exactly like the real ones. Check out the product demo video to see them in action.

Customer Reviews

Real Mini World has an impressive array of positive reviews. Let’s see what some of the customers have to say.


“Was the best yet was kinda messy since it needs steady hands but I truly love it for my mini characters!!”

Miniature REAL Takoyaki Maker in Red


“The mixer is well made. I like the ability to use two ways.”

Miniature Baking Real Working 2in1 Hand & Stand Mixer Red

Contact Information

For any queries or support, you can contact them at or call at +886 905972904 or +1 5076785077.

Policies & Terms

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to go through their Shipping Policy, Return & Refund Policy, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

Payment Methods

You can make payments using Apple Pay, Mastercard, PayPal, and Visa.

Rewards System

They also have a Rewards system in place for their loyal customers.

Shipping Policy

Check out their Shipping Policy for detailed information about delivery and shipping charges.


Their Blog is a great place to find miniature-related content, from DIY tips to recipes.

Video Production

They also offer Video Production Service, which can be a great asset for content creators working with miniatures.

Final Thoughts

Real Mini World offers a unique and exciting array of miniature products that bring joy to both collectors and casual buyers. Their attention to detail and emphasis on functionality sets them apart. Whether you are a miniature enthusiast or looking for a unique gift, Real Mini World is the place to go.

Explore Real Mini World Today! Real Mini World!

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